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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do lexxola sunglasses cost?

The actual Lexxola glasses are only sold on their site for now, going for £190 to £220 (plus duties for international shipping) but for those of us stateside, there are plenty of dupes to try duty-free. See below for sunglasses in every shade you can think of, and at attainable price points for everyone.

Who is the founder of lexxola?

We caught up with Lexxola founder, Zane Saleh, to unpack the insane hype he's created around the brand, discuss the economy of dupes that's popped up in the wake of Lexxola's rise, and why Gen Z is all over them. Oh, and introduce you to the brand's latest shape, the sleek '90s-inspired Eva.

How much do lexxola freckles mark cost?

The Freckles Mark pair found on Amazon look just like the Lexxola shades but without the hefty price tag. The orange pair above is sold for just under $15, and so are the other shades of shades, including a purple pair, brown and black.

Is lexxola the calling card for Gen Z?

I feel like the calling card for Gen Z has become the Lexxola and more specifically the Damien in the orange and yellow tints. Without fail, I can open up my TikTok and see the sunglasses all over my For You Page (and across social media in general).

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