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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lexlexxion do?

Lexxion organises conferences, workshops, seminars and trainings in various fields of law all over Europe. The events focus on State aid law, competition law, and ESI Funds, public procurement, PPP law, environmental and climate law, data protection law, food law, chemical law and pharmaceutical law.

Why join lexxion training online?

By joining this Lexxion Training Online you will receive a good introduction in the field of State aid. Benefit from our experts and their wide range of experiences and understand among other topics the concept of State aid and application of exemptions such as GBER and de minimis aid.

What does lexxion publisher want to do?

During these tough times, Lexxion Publisher wants to help to spread current news and updates […] 07. Apr 2020 The principle of res judicata cannot be used to avoid recovery of incompatible State aid.

What's new at lexxion 2019?

Lexxion event brochure Autumn | Winter 2019 now available. Lexxion’s Events offers the opportunity to meet high-level experts and engage with the European community to exchange best practices and disseminate knowledge on highest standards.

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