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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lexx?

LEXX, the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes, is the most entertaining Science Fiction program on the planet. Do different versions of the episodes exist? What is the Spanish language plot outline for Lexx (1996)?

How many lexlexx movies are there?

Lexx is a Canadian–German science fiction television series created by Lex Gigeroff and brothers Paul and Michael Donovan. It originally aired on April 18, 1997, on Canada's Citytv as four made-for-TV movies each running 90 minutes long and alternatively titled Tales from a Parallel Universe.

What is the Lexx and the crew running out of?

Error: please try again. Lexx and the crew are running out of food resources. Desperate they visit what appears to be a garbage planet, but quickly become separated and under go a series of individual adventures in a culture thats basically cannibalistic. Error: please try again.

How many seasons of Lexx are there?

28. There are four seasons of Lexx, totaling 61 episodes. Season One debuted in Canada on April 18, 1997, and consisted of four two-hour TV movies (sometimes screened as eight one-hour episodes), alternatively titled Tales from a Parallel Universe.

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