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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between using let and not using let?

While the above can be done without a LET, using LET improves readability of the formula and computes twice as fast as without LET. Copy the following table to cell A1 of a blank worksheet if you'd like to walk through this example yourself.

Is it let us or Let’s US?

Let us is the first person plural imperative, which we only use in very formal situations. Let’s is the short form, which we often use to make suggestions which include ourselves: … We use let with a direct object meaning ‘rent something to someone’: … We use let to form first person and third person imperatives.

What is the purpose of the let function?

The LET function assigns names to calculation results. This allows storing intermediate calculations, values, or defining names inside a formula. These names only apply within the scope of the LET function.

What is the past participle of let?

present participle -tt- | past tense and past participle let. to allow something to happen or someone to do something by giving permission or by not doing anything to stop it from happening: Fraya’s parents let her go to the movie. He decided to let his hair grow long.

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