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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LC market?

LC Market is a hybrid fast-casual restaurant and specialty market with a small, neighborhood vibe, great food, and friendly service.

What is TLC rental marketplace?

TLC Rental Marketplace has helped the TLC industry since 2017. TLC Rental Marketplace is the ultimate (and original) resource for rideshare and TLC drivers. Use the website to browse and post car listings to the community!

Why visit CMC during La market week?

Whether you need Spring 2022 Immediates, Summer 2022 Collections, or want a first look at Fall 2022 designs, the variety of Showrooms at CMC is an essential destination during LA Market Week.

How do I check in to LA market week?

You’ll simply check in by showing your ID to receive your Buyer Badge for entry into LA Market Week at CMC. Register for access to LA Market Week and LA Kids Market, January 16-19, 2022, subject to approval.

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