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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 12 inch ruler used for in architecture?

The WEN 12" Aluminum Triangular Architect Ruler with Laser - Etched drafting scales is such an improvement from the older plastic scales. Heavy enough to move on drafting paper, very easy to read with a sharp edged scale. Used to draw up a set of plans with easier reading, less eye fatigue.

What is the Wen architecture ruler used for?

Remember when you could scale tall buildings in a single drawing. Easily convert your big ideas into accessible blueprints with the WEN Architecture Ruler. This versatile straight edge is the perfect companion for architects, draftsmen, contractors, engineers, woodworkers and more.

What are the benefits of laser marking on a straight edge?

Sturdy aluminum alloy construction provides a durable long-lasting straight edge while the color-coated rubber linings help users quickly distinguish which side is which. Laser-etched markings maximize precision and prevent fading, guaranteeing accuracy during operation. Remember when you had reliable measurements.

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