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Frequently Asked Questions

What does la las mean?

La. is a written abbreviation for lane, and is used especially in addresses and on maps or signs.

What does Las mean as in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas means “The Meadows,” which the valley was flush with before the natural artesian wells were allowed to flow freely and dried up. ... Las Vegas is Spanish for “The Meadows”.

What does Las mean?

The name of the state and the city came from Spanish language. Namely, Nevada means “snowy” (after the Sierra Nevada mountain range) and Las Vegas means “The Meadows”. Las Vegas got that name after green meadows, which were on that spot because there was water from underground artesian wells (the surrounding land is wasteland).

What is Las data format?

A LAS dataset stores reference to one or more LAS files on disk, as well as to additional surface features. A LAS file is an industry-standard binary format for storing airborne lidar data.

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