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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you teleport to another lapis portal?

Build the portal structure out of lapis, and close the door to teleports you to another portal that's on the same 'channel'. The channel of a portal is determined by what's in its storage (only caring about item ids, not NBT or count) No Lapis Portals code was used or referenced in making this mod.

Where can I find Cor lapis?

Since Cor Lapis is counted as a Liyue specialty, it can be located by Qiqi, despite the fact that it isn't a herb. Ningguang, on the other hand, won't be able to detect the mineral. When using Qiqi, a small indicator will pop up on your map where the Cor Lapis is located.

Where can I find Lapis in Fortnite?

The best place to start your collecting is on Mt. Hulao. From there, you will want to teleport over to the adjacent mountain shown in the picture above and follow the harvesting path. The Lapis is a bit spread out from there, but there are a few other clusters marked on the map and a line of Cor Lapis located near Cuijue Slope.

Where can I farm Cor Lapis in liyue?

There are quite a few Cor Lapis locations around Liyue, especially around parts of Minlin. A popular spot for quick gathering is Mt. Hulao, but there are other patches located all around Liyue, especially in caves or under cliffs . Tip: If you have Zhongli, keep in mind that using his elemental skill makes farming all minable rock much quicker.

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