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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose pace for your lab services?

You can count on Pace to provide timely and accurate testing and analytical lab services to advance your important work. You can also count on the Pace professional services team to support your in-house lab. From staffing and regulatory support, to instrument repair and relocations, we have the experts to propel your projects forward.

What is Pace’s promise?

We promise to deliver a level of quality that meets your data quality objectives—supported by personal service, ethical standards, data transparency, and the highest level of support possible. This is the foundation of the Pace Promise.

How does LADBS enforce the haul route monitoring program?

In working with the Council Offices and listening to the communities, LADBS recognized the need of added enforcement of the hauling activities to ensure safety and the quality of life for the residents. The Haul Route Monitoring Programis enforced by the Grading Division of the Inspection Bureau.

What does the Los Angeles Department of building and Safety LADBS do?

Build safe, well, and fast with the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Code Enforcement | LADBS Report a violation, orders to comply, property information, types of services, documents, and all other information related to Code Enforcement. Skip Dept Navigation to Main Content

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