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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LACMA store?

Aiming to “reflect the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) through its selection of books, jewelry, gifts, and home design,” LACMA Store is a go-to shop for everything art-related. From tabletop decor to temporary tattoos, these products are perfect for creatives from all walks of life.

What can you find at the SFMOMA Museum Store?

Given its comprehensive nature, it's no surprise that its online shop is packed with an eclectic collection of creative products, which visitors can sort by artist, exhibition, theme, and even color. Add a comment... Instagram The SFMOMA Museum Store offers everything a modern art enthusiast could possibly hope for.

Where can you buy furniture at MoMA?

To add a touch of art to your abode, look no further than the MoMA Design Store. In addition to small-scale objects like Warhol wares and Pop Art -esque pop-up cards, you'll find a selection of sleek and stylish furniture. Available only online, this line of chairs and lamps sets this store apart from your typical gift shop. Add a comment...

What makes a museum a great gift shop?

For centuries, museums have played a pivotal role in the preservation and presentation of art. In addition to maintaining collections, however, modern-day museums offer all kinds of extra goodies, including fun events, unique public programs, and, of course, gift shops!

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