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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the urban light at LACMA?

Recommended Reviews for Urban Light at LACMA. It's called, "Urban Light.". Created by sculptural artist, Chris Burden in 2008 (10 years old now!), this iconic assemblage brings various of vintage street lamp poles (made in between in the 1920s and 1930s) to enhance the illumination of Los Angeles historic vibes at night.

Is LACMA worth seeing at night?

The urban lights at LACMA is free to view, you can either walk to it via main street or cut through LACMA. I prefer to see it at night with the lights on, it is much nicer in my opinion. During the day it is obviously not on and can be a little busier with smaller children.

Can I download images from LACMA?

* Nearly 20,000 images of artworks the museum believes to be in the public domain are available to download on this site. Other images may be protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. By using any of these images you agree to LACMA's Terms of Use . This week marks Urban Light's 10th anniversary.

Can LACMA be installed from the same garage?

The good part is you can access LACMA, the tar pits and this installation all from the same garage. And, at least the bathrooms (trailers by the outdoor bar) are clean!

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