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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lala Porte ISD?

La Porte ISD provides a nurturing environment for our youngest children, from six weeks through prekindergarten, at our Early Childhood Center. This tuition-based program is conveniently located at Heritage Elementary School.

How does La Porte ISD contact substitutes?

Substitutes are contacted on an as-needed basis; therefore, it is impossible for La Porte ISD to guarantee definite assignments or any frequency of assignments. Substitutes must understand that they have agreed to make themselves available to serve La Porte I.S.D. based upon the need of their services.

How do I become a volunteer for La Porte ISD?

Completion of the online volunteer application at will serve as written intent to serve as a volunteer at a designated La Porte ISD campus and a release to conduct a criminal background information check. Criminal information obtained is confidential and used only for the purpose of ensuring student safety.

Can La Porte ISD obtain criminal history record information?

In accordance with the Texas Education Code, Section 22.083, La Porte ISD may obtain criminal history record information on an individual who has indicated, in writing, an intention to serve as a volunteer.

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