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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Kyler Murray not playing?

Why Kyler Murray isn't playing vs. 49ers Murray is dealing with an ankle injury that will keep him out for the Cardinals' Week 9 game against the 49ers. The third-year quarterback was unable to practice all week after suffering the injury late in Arizona's Week 8 loss to the Packers.

Did Kyler Murray get hurt?

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was hurt at the very end of their Week 17 matchup with the San Francisco 49ers, as he was leg whipped on a last-ditch effort throw.

Is Kyler Murray going to play?

Quarterback Kyler Murray practiced on Wednesday and it sounds like there’s a decent chance that he’ll return from an ankle injury in time to play against the Seahawks this weekend. Murray told reporters at a press conference that he feels “pretty close” to being ready to get back into the starting lineup.

Is Kyler Murray injured?

Murray is currently dealing with a lingering ankle injury while Hopkins -- his primary option at wide receiver -- has a hamstring issue. Schefter reported Hopkins could be limited due to the injury, as well as potential weather conditions in Chicago on Sunday, according to the source.

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