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Was Kyler Murray’s touchdown celebration ‘baby Yoda’?

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is adamant that his curious touchdown celebration Sunday was not him embracing his “Baby Yoda” nickname. For reference, Murray and teammate Chandler Jones engaged in some fun trolling during the week.

Did Kyler Murray imitate Yoda’s pose during celebration?

After Murray playfully mocked Jones’ physique publicly, Jones responded by referring to the quarterback as “Baby Yoda.” That’s why many people interpreted Murray’s second quarter touchdown celebration as an embrace of the nickname. And it did look very much like Murray was imitating the famous Yoda pose.

Is Bill Murray’s new nickname Baby Yoda?

Like it or not, Murray might have to get used to the fact that Baby Yoda is his nickname from now on. Even if he doesn’t want to watch all the Star Wars movies, and we wouldn’t blame him for skipping a few of them, he should at least check out The Mandalorian to get a better sense of what Baby Yoda is all about beyond the meditation.

Did you know Kyler Murray has never watched Star Wars?

-- Never watched Star Wars, Kyler Murray has. You wouldn't have known it, however, after the way he celebrated a crucial touchdown in Sunday's 34-33 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

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