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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kitty Poo club a good litter box brand?

You can’t quite call it a litter box brand or a cat litter company. The Club really is dedicated to everything related to, well, kitty poo. From scoops to boxes to litter and mats, Kitty Poo Club covers it all. Your monthly shipment includes a disposable waterproof cardboard litter box and enough cat litter to last one cat for 30 days.

What is the HelloKitty Poo club?

Kitty Poo Club is branded as an end-to-end litter box solution, aiming to satisfy all of your cat’s bathroom needs month after month. By delivering monthly shipments of low-maintenance litter in a disposable cardboard litter box, the Club promises to change the way you think about the litter box. Get 40% off your first litter box order!

What is the best litter box for my Cat?

I always recommend Kitty Poo Club. Their litter box system eliminates all of the hard work that traditional litter requires. As an owner of 2 cats, I wouldn’t use any thing else - Kitty Poo Club makes it so easy.

Why join a litter box club?

More than just a litter box, it’s a Club! Spread the word, share with family and friends, and earn real rewards! Still not convinced? Say goodbye to the litter box as you know it. Get a high-quality, pre-filled, disposable litter box that will last a solid 30 days. No mess. No odor. Kitty Poo Club - The Perfect All-in-One Monthly Litter Box!

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