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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Kitty Poo club?

In 2017, Ohio entrepreneur Chad Kauffman founded Kitty Poo Club, hoping to give cat owners a “complete litter box solution” while taking advantage of the subscription service trend. You can’t quite call it a litter box brand or a cat litter company.

What is the HelloKitty Poo club?

Kitty Poo Club is branded as an end-to-end litter box solution, aiming to satisfy all of your cat’s bathroom needs month after month. By delivering monthly shipments of low-maintenance litter in a disposable cardboard litter box, the Club promises to change the way you think about the litter box. Get 40% off your first litter box order!

Does Kitty Poo have a smell?

Then an ad for Kitty Poo popped up... There is no smell even after the month. I also have asthma and cleaning the litter box was difficult because of the dust and fragrance of store litter. Kitty Poo has no smell and no dust. We are all so happy that I took the chance and ordered Kitty Poo!

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