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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get 16% off your entire order at Kitty Poo club?

Redeem this discount code to get 16% off your entire order at Kitty Poo Club. Reveal this Kitty Poo Club promo code to get 15% off the entire site. Apply this Kitty Poo Club coupon code to get 15% off all orders. Get 15% off all purchases when you use this Kitty Poo Club promo code.

How do you get Kitty Koo club rewards?

Kitty Koin Rewards, the Kitty Poo Club rewards program, rewards you for shopping at Kitty Poo Club. Earn Kitty Koins by interacting with the company on social media and purchasing products, then exchange them for discounts on your next orders. Does Kitty Poo Club only offer a subscription?

What is the HelloKitty Poo club?

Kitty Poo Club bundles pop up every so often. These typically contain a variety of toys and treats for your cat, and there is only a limited number available. Add one to your next shipment to enjoy it together with your cat. Take advantage now and get 10% discount on orders over $1,000 with trade program.

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