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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of games can you play with cats on iPad?

Cat Games for iPad is a game for cats and kittens. Stimulate your cat with these cat games on your iPad. Watch your cat try to grab fish, foil balls, bugs, strings, mice, and lasers. Is your cat a mouser?

Are there any good kitty games for PC?

There are more fun Kitty Games like Circle the Cat, Cat Simulator, Sushi Cat and many more. Much fun! Flash will probably not work on your computer. What are the TOP 5 Kitty Games?

Are there any free iPad apps for cats?

Cats like them! Like any other app or game on the App Store, you can find free and paid options. But if you’re not sure how your kitty will react, try one of these free iPad apps for cats before you shell out any cash. Who better to know cats than Friskies?

What apps can I play with my Cat on my tablet?

10 Tablet Apps for your Cat 1 CatFishing 2. 2 CrazyCat. 3 Cat Pinball. 4 Paints for Cats. 5 Pocket Pond 2. 6 Smash: Bugs! 7 Gizzy’s Friend. 8 Catch the Mouse. 9 Tap Cat Playground. 10 Cat Game.

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