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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Kit-Cat clocks come out?

Kit-Cat with his iconic rolling eyes & wagging tail has been keeping time since 1932. All Kit-Cat clocks are true to the original design & still Made in the USA.

What is the best black kit-cat clock?

The Classic Black Kit-Cat clock is our #1 selling clock and is made in America! Classic Black Kit-Cat! He’s simply the Original. This Classic Black Kit-Cat Klock has been bringing time to life since 1932. His iconic design hasn’t changed since a bow tie was added in the 1950s.

How much does a happyhappy Kitty Cat wall clock cost?

Happy Kitty Cat wall clock, playful kitty cat nursey clock, cat lover wall art, cute kitten clock, playful clock, cat lover gift, pet parent JonesLaserCraft 5 out of 5 stars(166) Sale Price $27.56 $27.56

What does a vintage cat clock look like?

It's easy to see why this must-have vintage design keeps on ticking with its smiling whiskered face and formal bow tie. Aside from a pleasant demeanor, the cat clock has scoping eyes and a wagging tail that move with every second, animating the clock in a classic cartoony fashion.

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