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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Kibbe body types?

The Kibbe Body Types are an array of 13 style types categorised into 5 style families: Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, Romantics and Gamines. Before you take the Kibbe body type test, I would strongly recommend that you read this article, which will give you an overview and introduction to the Kibbe Body Type system.

Is there a newer version of the Kibbe test?

For a newer version of the test, check out my 2020 version. The Kibbe Body Types are a series of 13 body types, which are broken down into 5 families: romantics, classics, dramatics, naturals, and gamines. If you want to learn more about these types, check out my post An Overview of the Kibbe Body Types.

Are Kibbe types more constricting on height?

The more petite kibbe types ( gamine, and romantics) are more constricting on height. Whereas, soft naturals, soft classic, and dramatic classics can have more flexibility when it comes to height range.

What is David Kibbe’s body system?

It is important to note David Kibbe feels (felt) that no piece of clothing or accessory was relegated to a specific body type. And that it has more to do with a person’s essence and their ability to integrate that piece into their style. The goal of the kibbe body system is to help you narrow down your unique silhouette and to dress accordingly.

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