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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ken?

The Ken - Business, Startups, Technology and Healthcare news from India The Ken publishes one original story from India every weekday for its subscribers. From technology, startups, business, science & healthcare.

Why subscribe to the Ken?

Become part of an active community Tens of thousands of subscribers, working at the world’s most successful companies, have made The Ken into a daily reading habit SUBSCRIBE NOW Listen to Unofficial Sources, a podcast by The Ken

What is the meaning of the name KenKen?

ken (third-person singular simple present kens, present participle kenning, simple past and past participle kenned or kent) (transitive, chiefly Scotland) To know, perceive or understand.

Does Ken Ken have a better handle than his Quirk?

Ken is shown to have a superior handle over his Quirk, what with him being a Pro Hero and U.A. teacher. He continuously is seen creating multiple, towering vertical slabs by touching the concrete ground with his hands.

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