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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of hard armor does KDH make?

KDH is now manufacturing hard armor plates capable of defeating high-powered rifle threats including (NIJ 0101.06) Level III and Level IV, either in combination with KDH’s Level IIIA soft body armor systems or as a stand-alone.

What size of body armor should I get?

If you are unsure as to which size will fit you best, it is recommended to opt for a bigger size than perhaps recommended. This is because body armor is quite adjustable to ensure the proper fit, and opting for a bigger size will allow you to adjust the Velcro straps to make it a comfortable fit.

Why choose a kdkdh vest?

KDH not only designs and build body armor, but redefines performance excellence and push the limits of what’s possible, ensuring the vest you wear is stronger, lighter and more comfortable – and one day, may save your life.

What does KDH mean?

KDH Defense Systems, Inc. (KDH) is a leading manufacturer of American-made custom body armor solutions.

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