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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Justine Ezarik?

Justine Ezarik was born in Pittsburg, USA, on March 20, 1984, to parents Michelle and Steve Ezarik. Her mother was a physical education teacher and her father was a coal miner.

What happened to iJustine Ezarik?

Ezarik has come to view iJustine as a character. As a result, she does not curse or drink alcohol on any videos she releases. By January 2009 she had reduced her lifecasting by a few hours a week, and by April 2009 her lifecast channel fell silent.

What did Jennifer Ezarik do After college?

After graduating from the Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 2004, Ezarik landed several jobs in graphic design and video editing before starting her own business. In December 2006, she was named one of five finalists in the "Yahoo! Talent Show", a Yahoo! -sponsored competition for best online videos.

Who are BreAnne and Jenna Ezarik?

Ezarik has two younger sisters, Breanne and Jenna Ezarik. Like the rest of her immediate family, Ezarik does not have a middle name. At the time of her high school graduation from Bentworth High School, she lived in the Scenery Hill area in Washington County. Ezarik and both her sisters were honor students at Bentworth.

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