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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Justin Fields?

Fields showed promise as a rookie, but it’s impossible to make a definitive determination on how good he is because of the very problems the Bears are trying to solve: Pace hindered him with an ill-conceived roster, and former coach Matt Nagy clouded the view of Fields from the start.

Is Justin Fields the most attractive GM opening in the NFL?

ESPN analyst Louis Riddick said the Bears made the right move in firing Pace, and he noted that it’s the most attractive GM opening for one big reason: quarterback Justin Fields. “That’s what they needed to do,” Riddick said.

What do potential Bears QB candidates want to know about Justin Fields?

The best he could muster about potential candidates’ confidence in Fields was, “We want to know what their plan is with the quarterback position for the Bears.”

How long will Justin Fields stay with the Bears?

When former general manager Ryan Pace traded the 2022 first-round pick to move up and take Fields at No. 11 last year, he put the franchise all-in on Fields. He’ll be with the Bears for at least three more seasons.

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