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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Justin Bieber's first single?

"One Time" is the debut single by Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber. It is the first single released from his debut EP, My World.

When did Justin Bieber release one time (My Heart Edition)?

The song was released a day early on December 21, 2009, and was titled "One Time (My Heart Edition)". The cover art for the single features a still from Bieber's music video for "One Less Lonely Girl".

Who is Justin Bieber's mentor?

The accompanying music video portrays Bieber at a house party and features his mentor, Usher, and hometown friend, Ryan Butler. As of July 2021, the video had been viewed over 680 million times on the video-sharing website YouTube.

Where was Justin Bieber's 'Bieber' filmed?

Bieber recorded the song at RedZone's Triangle Sound Studios in Savannah, Georgia a few hours away from Bieber's then current home of Atlanta, Georgia. Bieber also recorded some of the track at The Boom Boom Room in Burbank, California.

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