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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Julian date code?

The Julian date code represents the last digit of the year and the day of the year when read from left to right. These codes are used to indicate the date when a food item was packaged. The Julian date code was first developed for use by the United States military in packaging Meals-Ready-to-Eat for soldiers.

What is the Julian date?

About Julian Dates - Julian Date is most commonly referred to as yyddd date format (yy=year and ddd=day). This format is mostly used in Mainframe world and is called as Ordinal date. Astronomers refer to a Julian date as the number of days since the beginning of the Julian Period (January 1, 4713 BC).

What was the Julian calendar?

Julian calendar, also called Old Style calendar , dating system established by Julius Caesar as a reform of the Roman republican calendar.

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