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What was the date of the New York Times in 1917?

The New York Times (July 6, 1917). July 5, 1917. ^ Sturtivant 1990, p. 215. ^ "No. 30156". The London Gazette. 29 June 1917. p. 6409. ^ "Cidadãos Nacionais Agraciados com Ordens Portuguesas". Ordens.Presidencia (in Portuguese). Presidência da República Portuguesa. Retrieved 2016-06-04. ^ "HMS Cheerful". Retrieved 4 December 2012.

What happened on the 1st of June 1917?

June 1, 1917 (Friday) French Army Mutinies – A French infantry regiment seized Missy-aux-Bois, France and declared an anti-war military government.

What was the result of the 10th Battle of Isonzo?

Friday, June 8, 1917 Tenth Battle of the Isonzo – Italian General Luigi Cadorna called off the battle after an Austro-Hungarian counteroffensive succeeded in pushing Italian forces back to the starting point. Italy sustained 157,000 casualties while Austria-Hungary was lower at 75,000 casualties.

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