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Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Jordan Turpin when she escaped?

Jordan Turpin, 21, had barely seen the outside world when she escaped from her abusive family home in 2018 - and the case against her parents horrified the world. Four years on, her life couldn't be more different.

How many followers does Jordan Turpin have on TikTok?

Jordan Turpin has more than 475,000 followers on TikTok, where the 21-year-old posts typical dance videos and her bio reads: “I love helping others! Love to dance and write songs!”

When did the Jordan Turpin case come to light?

The Turpin case horrified many when, in January 2018, it came to light: Jordan Turpin, 17, snuck out of the Perris home in the middle of the night-a day before the family planned to move to Oklahoma-and used her brother’s cell phone to call 911.

Who is the judge in the Turpin case?

Osborn spoke following a hearing in the Historic Courthouse where Judge Kenneth J. Fernandez said he was inclined to grant ABC News’ motion to unseal records in the Turpin case, with the exception of medical and psychological records and current and past addresses. At least five Turpin adults want some or all of the information kept private.

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