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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Johns Hopkins MPH program?

The Johns Hopkins MPH Program is designed to: prepare students to tackle current and emerging global public health problems provide students with critical multidisciplinary training to help solve global health problems equip students with foundational public health knowledge and competencies

Why DNP at Johns Hopkins?

DNP prepared nurses are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and respect to drive health care innovation and enhance the quality of care. Johns Hopkins prepares graduates to exercise advanced levels of clinical judgment and systems thinking.

What is the DNP program?

The DNP program prepares nurses at the highest level of professional nursing practice for advanced roles as clinical and healthcare policy leaders. A program designed for RNs with a bachelor’s of science in nursing or an entry-level nursing master’s degree.

What is the MPH program at Bloomberg School of Public Health?

Bloomberg School of Public Health› Departments› Master of Public Health Program Overview Full-time Requirements Online/Part-time MPH Requirements Learning Outcomes Program Overview Objectives The overarching goal of the MPH Program is to provide students with a population perspective on health. The Johns Hopkins MPH Program is designed to:

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