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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some jobs in digital media?

Entry Level Jobs. Graduates of associate degree or certificate programs in digital media often begin their careers as part of team and may work on the production of independent television programs, commercials, music videos, e-books, computer games, or documentaries.

What is graphic design vs. digital media design?

While graphic design focuses mostly on static designs, digital design involves movement, such as animation, interactive pages, and 2D or 3D modeling. Digital designers create images and elements that will end up on a screen, whether that's a computer screen, a phone screen, a dashboard, or any other digital formats.

What are digital media jobs?

Job Description for Digital Media Producers. Digital media producers supervise the creation of digital content from concept through to delivery. Similar to film, television and news producers, digital media producers hire artists and technicians, oversee idea development and manage financial decisions to bring a project to fruition.

What is a digital media designer?

Digital media designers are generally trained in motion graphics, screenwriting, video editing, digital audio production and video production. While some graphic design lessons can be taught to digital media designers, most of these professionals are versed in animation or motion graphics of some kind.

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