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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name jawline mean?

jawline(Noun) The lower edge of the side of the face (below the cheek), defined by the jawbone.

Do jawline exercises really work?

DIY Jawline Exercises The Sitting Down Sitting down in a chair with your back erect, look straight forward. Drop your jaw down as far as you can. ... A Good Night's Sleep Sit down in front of a mirror with our back straight. Clench your teeth as tightly as you can and smile while doing it. ... The Kiss This one has been commonly mentioned on many health blogs. ... More items...

What does having a define jawline mean?

A defined jawline is when your skin is tight around and underneath your jaw and neck. It doesn't mean you have a square or manly face. Women with very slim faces can have defined jawlines. Those are the kind of jaws models have.

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