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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a sea lion a mammal or a fish?

Sea lions and seals are marine mammals, spending a good part of each day in the ocean to find their food. They all have flippers at the end of their limbs to help them swim. Like all marine mammals, they have a thick layer of blubber to keep them warm in the chilly ocean. And they all like to eat fish—lots of fish!

What is a common name of a sea lion?

Scientific name of sea lion is Otariinae. Sea lions are representatives of the family of eared seals. In the world there are only 5 species of sea lions – northern, southern, New Zealand, Australian and Californian.

What are the characteristics of a sea lion?

Sea Lion Physical Characteristics. The anatomy of a Sea Lion is quite fascinating. They are well designed to allow them to live both in water and on land. One of the unique characteristics of their anatomy is that they have external ears.

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