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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life cycle of a sea lion?

The average life span in the wild for a Sea Lion is 20 years. In captivity they live an average of 30 years. Sea Lions often suffer from an array of health problems associated with humans. They include pneumonia, epilepsy, and various types of cancers.

When did the Japanese sea lion become extinct?

The Japanese sea lion (Japanese: ニホンアシカ, Hepburn: Nihon ashika, Zalophus japonicus) was an aquatic mammal thought to have become extinct in the 1970s. It was considered to be a subspecies of California sea lion (Z. californianus) until 2003.

What is the Japanese word for Lion?

The Japanese word for Lion was borrowed from English, making it so similar to the English translation, and having it mostly written in Katakana. The "R" part is the Japanese "R" sound and the "aion" sound is exactly identical to the english "ion" in "Lion", "Eye-un".

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