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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular Japanese names for girls?

Some popular Japanese names for girls are Yui, Hina, Koharu, Rio and Mei. In 2015, the most popular names for female Japanese newborns were Sakura, Riko and Aoi, according to Japan Today. Most Japanese choose kanji characters based on their meaning when naming a baby,...

What are some dark Japanese names?

暗黒 is the two-character Japanese word for darkness. The first Kanji can mean unilluminated, dark, gloomy, hidden, secret. The second character means black or dark. Together, these two Kanji will be understood as dark or darkness.

What is popular Japanese girl name?

The name “Yoko” is also a very popular Japanese name. It’s also one of the most famous Japanese names all over the world from the name of a famous girlfriend of John Lennon, Yoko Ono. “Yoko” can be written with several ways as well: 陽子 (sunlight and child) and 洋子 (ocean and child).

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