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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Japan create its own food bank?

In much of the world, of course, creating a food bank is not a matter of social innovation. But when Charles E. McJilton and his colleagues launched Second Harvest Japan in 2002, they were in effect introducing people in Japan to a new way of viewing and handling excess food.

What is the role of food bank Kansai?

Food Bank Kansai, a non-profit organization based in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, collects food products donated by businesses and individuals, and delivers them for free to welfare institutions and households that need them. In this article, we report on the activities of Food Bank Kansai. Food Loss in Japan

How many prefectures in Japan will have food banks?

Initially, the ministry is considering running the system in each of Japan's 47 prefectures. The number of groups operating food banks in the country jumped to 105 in 2019 from 12 in fiscal 2008.

How can we reduce food waste in Japan?

By working with their local food bank, local governments can reduce food waste and its negative impact on the environment. 2. Assisting Those in Need According to a 2010 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare study, the relative poverty rate* in Japan is 16%.

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