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Frequently Asked Questions

What is example of duty based ethics?

Duty-based ethics are the assessment of whom you owe a greater duty to. Workplace Example. Assume your colleague asks you to lie to your boss. Your colleague wants you to tell your boss he is out on a sales call when in reality he is having a wet lunch in a bar.

What is the definition of "Kantian ethics"?

Kantian ethics are a set of universal moral principles that apply to all human beings, regardless of context or situation. Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher, calls the principles Categorical Imperatives, which are defined by their morality and level of freedom.

What is the Kantian perspective?

The Kantian Perspective. Immanuel Kant created a new perspective in philosophy which had widespread influences on contemporary philosophy work. Through all his achievements in philology, his moral Philosophy will be discussed in this paper.

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