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Frequently Asked Questions

Is animepahe com safe to download?

No, is not a legal platform. It is an illegal website that releases Anime Series online, and people have access to watch the Manga series online. ... Accessing and downloading Anime Series from is not Safe, and it is advised to avoid accessing

Why is watching anime on 9anime illegal?

The biggest reason why it is illegal is because sites like 9anime make money off all the their views from ads, spyware/adware, bitcoin miners, etc. They are ripping off the creators of all the anime being uploaded because 9anime is making money off of it, which is highly illegal.

Where can I watch anime on the internet legally?

Paid to watch website like Netflix, Crunchyroll are legal website and they have the copyright to play those anime over the internet. I am not sure about Funimation so I can’t answer this, some anime can be found in Youtube as well.

Why are some anime series banned in some countries?

That said, sometimes anime contains inappropriate content that some countries don't want broadcast to audiences, especially if it is aimed at a younger demographic. We've added a couple more anime series to the list that have been banned somewhere in the world, you might be surprised what makes the list.

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