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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Irstea mean?

The Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l'environnement et l'agriculture ( IRSTEA ), formerly known as Cemagref, was a public research institute in France focusing on land management issues, such as water resources and agricultural technology.

How many research units are there at Irstea?

About 250 master-degree trainees contributed also to some of its activities. There were 9 research sites containing a total of 29 research units. In addition to published research, the institute collaborates with other research organizations and took in a portion of its income from contract work. IRSTEA is a member of the UniverSud Paris .

How big is Irstea/Cemagref?

IRSTEA/Cemagref had an annual operating budget of €81.6 Million in 2011, and employed nearly 1350 staff, including 950 permanent staff, others being graduate students, 200 doctoral candidates, interns and foreign researchers. About 250 master-degree trainees contributed also to some of its activities.

What other research networks does irirstea participate in?

Irstea collaborated in a number of other research networks, including European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations (EurAqua), the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER), European network for testing of agricultural machines (ENTAM), and the European Network of Engineering for Agriculture and Environment (ENGAGE).

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