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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with iResearch?

Besides the research teams located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, iResearch also launched branches in Tokyo and San Francisco in order to enhance our services to global clients. We believe that our products and services could help you to catch the opportunities in China's booming internet industry.

Who is the CEO of iResearch?

As a CEO, Yogesh has helped iResearch grow into a marketing-first agency helping Fortune 500 brands to build digital-trust with their modern consumer through thought leadership.

What is iResearch Atlanta?

A multi-specialty clinical research center dedicated to making a difference in our local and global community, to better our health today and in the future. **iResearch Atlanta will be a COVID-19 vaccine site providing the additional dose for certain immunocompromised individuals once the timeline is announced.

Why choose iResearch Atlanta for your therapeutic studies?

We offer expertise across a wide range of therapeutic studies in Phases I-IV. iResearch Atlanta is one of the newest research clinics in the area, yet boasts some of the most experienced personnel in the industry.

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