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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of IOP?

IOP are pronouns that refer to the object in the sentence that is reciving the Direct Object. action is performed. In english, this is: I write a letter to my grandma every day. "My grandma" is the indirect object in this sentence because she is receiving what is being written, the letter.

How do you use IOP and DOP in a sentence?

I write a letter to her every day. The IOP always comes before the conjugated verb. DOP are pronoun that refer to the spacific object being talked about in a sentence. I write a letter to my grandma every day. "A letter" is the direct object in this sentence because it is what is being written. I write it to my grandma every day.

Does the IOP come before or after the DOP?

IOP must come before the DOP. Also, if the first both the DOP & IOPbegin with an "L" (3rd person), then the IOP becomes "se".

What is an IO and do in English grammar?

Let’s sum up the important points of this lesson: The IO tells us where the DO is going. The IO answers the question “to whom” or “for whom.” Sentences that have an IO usually also have a DO Sometimes the DO is not stated, but rather is implied, or understood. The IO pronouns are: me, te, le, nos, os, les.

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