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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use indirect object pronouns Spanish?

The Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns are used to replace a word or phrase, which in the sentence, fulfills that function. They are usually placed before the verb, when this is conjugated. If the verb is not conjugated, then the indirect object pronoun is placed after the verb.

What are indirect object pronouns in Spanish?

Indirect Object Pronouns. An indirect object is usually a person receiving the direct object. The pronouns in Spanish are basically the same as the ones used for the direct objects, with the exception of the third person.

What are the indirect objects in Spanish?

In Spanish, it's common for both an indirect object pronoun and the noun to which it refers to appear together. In the example below, Juan is the indirect object. The indirect object pronoun le can be used with the indirect object (as in the first example), or without it (as in the second example).

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