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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are ISS Scouts?

ISS scouts are within reach of every young hockey player in the world and attend every major hockey tournament, in addition to thousands of league games. All players that we rank will have been seen and evaluated many times by several ISS scouts. Every young hockey player is hoping to advance in the sport aspires to be scouted and ranked by ISS.

What is ISS mentorship program?

ISS Mentorship Program is designed to train and mentor individuals for a career in the industry. Learn from the pros, to be a Pro yourself. Our course will train you on all aspects of scouting and hockey operations departments with speakers who are in the business and relevant course content.

What kind of restorations do we offer for the Scout?

We offer full frame-off restorations, LS conversions, International motor overhauls and rebuilds, and a wide variety of enhancements to add comfort, security and reliability to your Scout. Our goal is to preserve the originality of the Scout, while tailoring the fine details to suit your lifestyle and purpose for the Scout.

How do I get scouted as a coach or athlete?

Athletes, get scouted today by signing up for a free athletic evaluation. Coaches, search NSR's prospect database to find the right fit for your program. Coaches, Do you have a specific need? Let us know so we can help fill it. Interested in becoming a college scout?

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