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Frequently Asked Questions

How long of flight is it from St. Louis to New Orleans?

The total flight duration from New Orleans, LA to Saint Louis, MO is 1 hour, 26 minutes.

How long is flight to New Orleans?

Flight time from New Orleans to New York is 2 hours 45 minutes. Non-Stop flight duration from MSY to JFK is 2 hours 45 minutes (Operated by JetBlue Airways) RELATED: Flight time from New York to New Orleans.

How many airports are there in New Orleans?

Nearest airports to New Orleans, LA Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (11.3 miles / 18.2 kilometers) Gulfport–Biloxi International Airport (67.8 miles / 109.0 kilometers) Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (75.7 miles / 121.8 kilometers) Hattiesburg–Laurel Regional Airport (113.4 miles / 182.6 kilometers)

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