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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the number on a United healthcare card?

Located on the front of the card is the United Healthcare brand name (except on the HP, Medica and Sierra products) to ensure you are reading the correct card. Below the Health Plan number you will find the nine-digit member identification number and to the side of this the group number for your employer or individual coverage.

Does United Healthcare provide ID cards to providers?

Health insurance carriers provide ID cards to their members to present to providers of care to bill them for services rendered. United Healthcare is no exception to this process. United Healthcare, however, has become the first health insurance carrier to provide Work Group for Electronic Data Interchange.

Where can I find the name of the subscriber of health insurance?

You will be able to locate the actual name of the subscriber of the health insurance (member) on the front right of the card. Below the subscriber’s name is a list of the dependents the subscriber is covering under the health plan.

What is my subscriber ID number?

Your subscriber ID is the number associated with your particular health care insurance plan. It should be located on your insurance card. If you have insurance for just yourself, the subscriber ID will only be associated with you. If more than one member in your household is insured through the same plan, you will all have the same subscriber ID.

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