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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill out the tc-40 in Utah?

Complete form TC-40 through line 24. Complete form TC-40B, Non or Part-Year Resident Schedule (see line-by-line instructions, below). Complete the rest of form TC-40, beginning with line 25. Attach form TC-40B to your Utah return. Do not attach a copy of your federal return.

What are the 2020 Utah tc-40 instructions 23 better life experience program?

2020 Utah TC-40 Instructions23 Better Life Experience Program account. You must make the contributions during the taxable year and have an itemized statement from the qualifi ed ABLE program. You may not claim a credit for an amount of a contribution that is returned to you or an amount already deducted on your federal income tax return.

What are the instructions for filing a Utah tax return?

Income Tax Instructions General Information Who Must File a Utah Return Deceased Taxpayer Information Federal Form 8886 Identity Verification Innocent or Injured Spouse Name, Address, SSN, & Residency State Refund on Federal Return State Income Tax Deduction Utah Income and Losses Utah Income Tax – Line 22 Enter Tax – Line 25 Completing Your Return

How do I prorate my tc-40 for other states?

Part-year residents must prorate and enter the tax paid to the other state(s) on TC-40S, line 6. The credit only applies to tax paid on the part of your income (TC-40, line 1) taxed by both states. Note: You may not carry forward or back any credit that is more than your tax liability.

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