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Frequently Asked Questions

What does inspect mean?

to look upon; to view closely and critically, esp. in order to ascertain quality or condition, to detect errors, etc., to examine; to scrutinize; to investigate; as, to inspect conduct Etymology: [L. inspectus.

What is another word for Inspector?

Another word for inspector. inspector Synonyms. n. examiner, checker, overseer, monitor, controller, auditor, reviewer, police inspector, chief detective, investigating officer, railroad inspector, customs officer, immigration inspector, government inspector, quality-control inspector; see also detective, examiner, investigator, policeman.

What is inspection mean?

[in-spek-shuh n] See more synonyms for inspection on noun. the act of inspecting or viewing, especially carefully or critically: an inspection of all luggage on the plane. formal or official viewing or examination: an inspection of the troops.

What is the definition of inspection?

Definition of Inspection. An inspection is a thorough investigation of a home by a licensed inspector. Once an offer is accepted (mutual acceptance), the buyer's agent will usually provide the buyer with a list of recommended inspectors and then facilitate scheduling the inspection.

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