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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PA inspection?

Pennsylvania safety inspections for medium and heavy-duty trucks include a check of the vehicle’s suspension, steering, braking systems, lighting and electrical systems, tires and wheels, mirrors, windshield washer, fuel systems, wipers, defroster, speedometer, odometer, exhaust systems, horns and warning devices, body and chassis.

What is a commercial vehicle inspection?

Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI), is the enforcement of safety regulations and laws of commercial vehicles. Some U.S. state departments of transportation refer to it as CVE (Commercial Vehicle Enforcement). CVI enforcement can be done roadside by state troopers or at specific stations, sometimes called "weigh stations.".

What does NJ inspection check?

Once your vehicle passes its emissions inspection, the NJ MVC inspection station will provide the following: Vehicle Inspection Report, detailing the inspection results. Inspection sticker, to be affixed to your windshield.

What is a Texas vehicle inspection?

A Texas state car inspection involves checking more than 20 areas of the vehicle for safety and functionality. As of 2015, areas that are inspected in passenger cars include the vehicle's horn, brakes, wheel assembly, exhaust system and window tint.

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