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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a mobile vehicle inspection in Adelaide?

Our mobile vehicle inspections are available throughout SA, from Adelaide and beyond, making it a popular choice for astute car buyers. Don’t get caught out – contact State Roads for a professional car check, or request a FREE quote now, and hit the streets in Adelaide with confidence!

What does a pest inspection in Adelaide mean?

There was a time when a pest inspection in Adelaide meant invasive disruption of the property, ripping out sections of wall, drilling holes, etc. These invasive and destructive methods, however thorough they may look, still miss deep-seated termite nests within the structure.

Are home inspections and auctions still happening?

Inspections and auctions are still happening. Open homes and inspections may not be permitted in restricted areas. Please reach out to the agent to find out if private inspections are allowed in this area or to enquire about an auction.

What does a home inspector look for when inspecting a property?

We’ll cast a keen, professional eye over the property, looking for signs of an attempt to hide damage or deterioration. Armed not only with an inspector’s ladder, torch and other traditional kit, but also cutting-edge electronic detectors to inspect all readily accessible areas in house and to keep you back covered.

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