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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AC inspection?

An AC inspection is carried out after your AC has stopped working properly. If your unit is no longer working, isn’t producing as much cold air as it used to, or has developed a leak, you’ll call for an inspection to help diagnose the problem. During an inspection, a technician visits your home to find...

What is a car inspection service?

The inspection is a simple set of basic checks to ensure that your vehicle is in a road worthy condition with all instruments working correctly. The inspector checks the vehicle to ensure it is not emitting too much smoke. An inspection is also required when you register your vehicle.

What is a NC vehicle inspection?

To ensure these goals are met, the NC vehicle safety inspection covers all major mechanical and accident avoidance systems, which include: Brakes, including the parking brake All lights (headlights, tail, brake, plate lights, and turn signals) All lights must be mounted properly and have no cracks in the lenses.

What is a vehicle inspection sticker?

Inspection Stickers Help States Enforce Environmental Safety Laws. Vehicle inspections are required in many states for the purposes of safety and environmental protection. If your vehicle passes the screening, you are usually issued an inspection sticker that must be displayed on your car, typically the windshield.

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