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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can perform elevator inspections in Miami Beach?

Certified Elevator Inspectors with an active State of Florida CEI license wishing to perform annual inspections or five (5) year tests in the City of Miami Beach should: Be a certified elevator technician and a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) must witness the test.

What is the fine for a failed inspection in Miami Dade?

For each inspection, that is failed by an inspector more than two times, a $200 fee shall be assessed to the permit. a fine of $500.00 will be imposed on all concealed work pursuant to Section 8-CC of the Miami-Dade County, FL Code of Ordinances.

What is the city of Miami Beach doing to monitor third-party Ceis?

The City of Miami Beach regularly monitors the work of the Third-Party CEIs and ask the elevator owners, who recently used a Third-Party CEI, to allow us to conduct a quality-assurance inspection to verify the procedures used and findings. This site will serve as our primary method of distributing new information to our provides, so check it often.

What is the city of Miami Beach Building Department?

“The City of Miami Beach Building Department is committed to providing the highest quality services to our community by uniformly enforcing building codes in a timely manner, continuously improving through innovation and streamlining services, collaborating with city departments, and improving our professional competencies.”

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